a photo of a mandala-filled section of the Generations mural, by Daryl Black

A mosaic wall mural for Santa Fe's Rail Trail

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The goal: people of all all ages and cultures collaborating to create a beautiful mosaic mural alongside the Rail Trail.

The theme is “Generations” as I hope to have participants of all ages working on this mural. Elders will also leave quotes and words of wisdom on stone tiles at the base of the mural while the youth will be creating soaring bird tiles. There will be a glass mandala filled sky which can be created by participants in several ongoing tiling workshops.

Summer Update

No mural work in July!

I will be gone for about a month helping out with a new grandchild. See you in August when we will be finishing up the mural. Thanks everyone!

Donations are needed to cap and protect the wall and for the supplies needed for the final section. Remember that you can donate to Galisteo Arts Association for a tax-deductble donation (more details about that).

school tile making workshop bird tiles
mandalas on the wall blue mosaic mandalas on a table
More photos from the project can be seen over here


What started out as a conversation at the 2021 Galisteo studio tour turned into an idea for a mural project. The Santa Fe Seniors on Bikes (a group I am a member of), and the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Santa Fe thought it might be a nice idea to create a mural together. I have many years experience doing community mural projects and was excited to beautify a wall in Santa Fe. My wall search began and I favored walls along the bike trail. I put flyers into mail boxes and found immediate positive response from wall owners that live on the trail.


Because of COVID19, people were still afraid to get together closely. I had zoom meetings and emails but the first tile workshop wasn’t until May 2022 at Raven Tree Studios in Eldorado. There the participants made wisdom stones for the base of the mural. The next day 5th grade students from Aspen Magnet School created birds out of clay for the sky.

Most of the summer of 2022, I have held community mandala making popups thanks to Vital Spaces and ArtWalk Santa Fe.


The mural wall is over 130 ft long just North of Siringo Road on the Rail Trail. I have no funding at the moment and have started the project with my own resources. The project will need funding for completion. If you can’t donate your time or supplies, consider donating monetarily. Many hands will be needed to work directly on the wall throughout the entire project.

You can read ongoing summary of project finances.

Supplies that can be donated:

  • Stained glass: blues, yellows, oranges, and dark colors (really anything)
  • Bike parts: flatish aluminum or titanium bike parts ie; cogs
  • Glass beads and/or millefiori
  • Hi-fire clay; stoneware etc..
  • Polished rocks or bathroom install rock flooring
  • Thinset
  • Cotton rags (t-shirts)
  • Buckets
  • Sponges
  • Black grout
  • Dark gray grout
  • Cloth tarps
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Popsicle sticks and/or plastic spoons & knives

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